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Q. I have passed 12th standard. Now what should I do?
A. If you aim to be a professional, go for graduation in those faculties.

Q. I am an average student. I want to learn repairing of different equipments.
A. Join our vocational classes. You will get skills and employment in a factory or have self-employment.

Q. I do not want to go for a higher education. I want to start something of my own.
A. Join our classes and get skilled in what course you are interested in. Then, start your own workshop, with a bank loan.

Q. I am confused about what should I do?
A. Call the number given below, and take an appointment to meet for advice or counselling.

Purushottam Seva Trust
Dineshbhai P. Mehta
Mobile: 9824236105
Mobile: 9484641849
Office: 079-27540270
Office: 079-25620701