We are running FREE VOCATIONAL TRAINING CLASSES in 2 of our centers.

Under the subject of ELECTRONICS-MECHANICS, we train repairing and assembly of radio, TV, and other electronic gadgets.
Our craft instructor teaches them by practical testing of all parts, connections, soldering, and test the final product for result and tabulate the result

We teach students to assemble computer hardware, assembly of CPU by purchasing different parts like cabinet, motherboard, HDD, CD writer, CPU fan, memory sticks, etc. We give them data to make CPU of specific configurations and then assemble, test, and connect with keyboard, monitor, and mouse.
Then we teach them, how to load operating system, partition of HDD and operate the PC.
If more than one PCs are to be operated, we teach them how to connect them with LAN modem.

For household women candidates, we have facilities to teach them tailoring. We have 9 tailoring machines, on which our craft instructor teaches them cutting and stitching of different types of ready-made clothes for women, children, and household articles like tablecloths, curtains, pickup bags, pillow-covers etc.
We also have one zig-zag machine on which designer embroidary is possible.
One of our trustees, Aparnaben Mehta, has gifted a woolen sweater making machine and another donor, Shri Anil Karulkar, has donated a knitting machine, on which our female trainees can learn the skill of knitting.

Nowadays, we feel that instead of giving money or rice or wheat to the poor, it is much better to feed them. So for one year now, we have been distributing Khichadi on every Saturday. Our cook prepares the food for over 400 people. We distribute it at 11 am, at our Shahpur center. Our trustees, Gautambhai, Bharatbhai, Dineshbhai, Girvanbhai, Aparnaben, alongwith Hasmukhbhai, Praveenaben, and Dharmishthaben, are those who give their time towards this noble cause.

Our other sister NGO PURUSHOTTAM GRAMUDHYOG SANGH runs Gruhudhyog and facilitates woman entrepreneurship to earn extra income by preparing snacks and breakfast at home.
Those who are unable to pass 10th standard, can join wireman trade and learn house and industrial wiring and get self-employment.
We also care about birds. We have prepared a Bird-feeder in Shahpur, Nr. Sadumata pol and daily juvar, wheat, and rice is kept in it along with water.